What is eyelash lamination?

Eyelash lamination, also called a keratin lift lash, is a treatment that curls, darkens and nourish eyelashes. Although it gives a very natural effect, the look becomes more expressive. What is eyelash lamination, what are the effects and what makes it different from eyelash lift?

What is eyelash lamination?

The procedure involves four stages, every stage takes about 15 minutes. The full process takes 60-90 minutes as all preparations must be completely dry.

  1. Preparation
    First, a beautician degreases eyelashes and applies pads and under eyes, which is supposed to prevent eyelashes from sticking together and also protect the skin.
  2. Application of a nutritional preparation
    The beautician applies silicone pads to the upper eyelids and puts the upper eyelashes on them. Then s/he covers the hairs with a nutritional preparation that strengthens, thickens and makes the eyelashes optically denser. It also makes the coloured pigment absorb quicker.
  3. Dyeing
    Once the preparation dries, the beautician applies black or brown dye.
  4. Fixing gel
    At the end, the beautician applies keratin which fixes the applied preparations.

How long does the effect last?

The effects are visible from six to eight weeks, but the treatment cannot be repeated within next two months. Cases of allergy and irritation are extremely rare. In general, the eyelashes after the treatment should be treated like normal lashes – make up, swimming pool, sauna, swimming in salt water and sunbathing are allowed.

Eyelash lamination and eyelash lift – differences

Eyelash lamination and eyelash lift have one essential feature in common – both improve the condition of eyelashes. Except for that, they differ significantly. While eyelash lift involves only lifting and curling, in the case of lamination a nutritional preparation is applied. For this purpose keratin is used, which thickens the lashes and fills in the gaps in them. Next, the eyelashes are dyed. Taking all into account, eyelash lamination gives a more spectacular effect.