Oils – an inexpensive alternative to hair cosmetics

Saving is a hobby for many people. If we save on a bus ticket fare by choosing a bicycle, that’s fine but it is difficult to apply the same rules to hair care. It is not worth depriving the hair of necessary hydration and nutrients just for the sake of saving. Unless there are also other benefits, such as better effects.

What does our hair need?

First of all, our hair needs water, thanks to which it remains flexible, soft, strong and healthy. We usually lose it under the influence of thermal styling or the sun radiation – the heat makes water evaporate from the hair inner structures. In addition, alcohols contained in the cosmetics also contribute to the loss of hydration.

Humectants and emollients, substances that bind water in the hair and prevent its loss is the best rescue team. Many people will think that it’s a matter of professional cosmetics. Not necessarily.

Oils in hair care 

There are more and more women who use oils in hair care. They have discovered that natural substances work a lot better. By the way, they allow you to save money because you will pay much less for an oil than for a luxurious hair mask. Therefore, this type of hair care is more efficient and more versatile because we can also apply the oil to the face, body, nails, etc.

It is worth using hair oils because they play an important role of emollients. Hair oiling is the best way to prevent dehydration. The strands will not become dry, because the oils strengthen the natural water-lipid barrier. Not to mention that they nourish, regenerate, give shine, flexibility and softness. Oil rubbed in the scalp regularly can reduce hair loss, accelerate its growth, prevent oiliness or dandruff. A whole bunch of benefits!

Which hair oil to choose?

However, you must remember that not every oil works the same. They differ in regard to the content of fatty acids and nutrients, and therefore also in their properties. There are no two identical oils with the same effects.

The best ones are natural oils, which are obtained by cold-pressing and are unrefined – they have more vitamins and minerals. More info on how to match oils to the porosity of your hair (this is extremely important!) Can be found on websites devoted to this subject.