Where’s the best place to store coconut oil?

More and more frequently we buy coconut oil encouraged by its quantities and the wide range of application. However, here is the question: Where to keep coconut oil so as to prevent it from losing all the features?

If we choose coconut oil in its Extra Virgin form (pressed due to a method that doesn’t require the use of warmth) and non-refined (without undergoing purification processes), you can be sure that it’s a real vitamin bomb.

What else can be found in coconut oil? This is a substance that:

– contains vitamin E featuring antioxidant qualities, vitamin C providing smoothness and elasticity, vitamin B9 (folic acid) aiding cell renewal processes;
– is made up in 50% from lauric acid present in skin cells and hair, as well as from other saturated and unsaturated fatty acids such as myristic acid;
– it supplies organism with essential mineral substances such as regenerating and delaying skin ageing processes zinc, essential for blood vessels calcium and many, many more (e.g. magnesium, iron).

The diversity of nourishing substances makes coconut oil irreplaceable in terms of body and hair care. It’s a good solution always when we want to take care of skin, hair and fingernails in an effective, cheap and completely natural way. Also, coconut oil takes care of maintaining hydration level, protecting from the sun and delivering nourishment.

It’s time to resolve doubts that raise every time when we reach for natural cosmetics. Namely, does coconut oil lose its qualities if kept in a wrong place?

Natural coconut oil is one of the most chemically stable oils. In other words, it doesn’t lose its qualities when exposed to high temperatures (therefore it’s used for cooking/frying) and is a good base for herbal distillates. Nevertheless, the better in terms of quality coconut oil we buy, the more precious substances we have to lose. For that reason, it’s worth doing our best to store coconut oil in appropriate conditions. How to do it?

Storing coconut oil doesn’t require putting any extra efforts. The oil should be kept in a tightly closed container such as a jar. Moreover, room temperature is appropriate although there are no contraindications for keeping coconut oil in a refrigerator. However, it’s worth realizing that when cooled down, it becomes harder and more difficult to apply. Basically, coconut oil changes its state into more runny when exposed to temperature of 25 degrees of Celsius and more (e.g. when in contact with skin), yet it doesn’t loses its qualities then.

It’s worth bearing in mind that coconut oil should be stored in a dark place (sun rays have destructive effect on all natural oils) and kept away from moist. How long does coconut oil remain fresh? In general, coconut oil can preserve its features for longer than year. Also, there is no need in keeping it refrigerated because it doesn’t go rancid as fast as other natural oils.