Vitamin C versus skin aging. Which one takes the lead?

Statistics show that more and more women are worried about premature occurence of wrinkles, loss of elasticity and worse condition of the skin. No wonder, then, that products rich in vitamin C are increasing in popularity. They are designed to lessen hyperpigmentation, enhance and tighten the skin, give it a lovely radiance. Does vitamin C really turn back the clock?

Antiaging products and treatments make up a fundamental element of beauty rituals. What we strive for most these days is delaying the signs of aging. At all costs, with various methods.

Skin aging. How does the skin grow older?

You can’t avoid aging and most of its symptoms. The time passes mercilessly. The loss of resilience, wrinkles, age spots and gray hair are the symptoms of aging which sooner or later gets all of us. What’s worth knowing about the skin aging process?

Few people realize that skin ages very early and you can actually say your skin is mature as soon as you turn 25. Epidermal repair process is slower, the production of elastin and collagen falls, skin is no longer as elastic as it used to be, let alone the oxidative stress (unfavorable activity of free radicals) and photo-aging (due to UV radiation) – here you have a recipe for dull, sallow, saggy, discolored skin.

How to delay skin aging?

Prevention is a priority in the antiaging skin care. This means actions aimed at preventing the appearance of wrinkles, hyperpigmentation spots, etc. You can use various method for successful aging skin care. Do you know them all?

Obviously, a healthy, balanced diet matters the most. It affects our skin’s ability to repair. If we fail to deliver a sufficient amount of nutrients with food, we can make up for the deficiency and take supplements rich in vitamins and minerals essential for the skin, hair and nails: zinc, silicon, biotin, folic acid, etc.

Vitamin E, vitamin A and vitamin C are important too. This vitamin trio helps keep skin young-looking provided that you deliver the vitamins with skin care products. For effective antiaging routine, we should choose a concentrated facial serum and natural oils, and enhance their effect by doing a face massage on a regular basis to stimulate microcirculation, facilitate absorption of active substances and intensify the effectiveness of cosmetics.

Vitamin C in antiaging skin care

Vitamin C-based cosmetics are growing in popularity and are made for delivering elasticity, even skin tone and velvet-like softness. Does ascorbic acid have antiaging effect?

As long as you remember to apply it regularly, a good quality vitamin C serum has confirmed antiaging properties so it:

  • enhances production of collagen essential for skin’s resilience;
  • lessens intensity of hyperpigmentation, including post-sun and post-acne spots;
  • revitalizes and enhances exfoliation of dead cells;
  • ensures an even skin tone, radiance, resilience and smoothness.

Of course, I only mention the most important qualities of vitamin C and we could spend long hours talking its effect. Most of all, it brightens and illuminates the skin, as well as eliminates skin problems such as acne, pigmentation spots, broken blood vessels and wrinkles. As a result, vitamin C serum makes the skin get back its healthy and youthful look speedily.