Tips for beautiful and smooth eye skin

Being incredibly thin, eye skin is particularly prone to dehydration and irritation. In addition, it has poor blood circulation and a clear tendency to lymphatic stasis. As a consequence, eye skin is often darker than the rest of the face and is easily affected by puffiness, which only makes us look older. How to take care or eye skin? How to remove eye makeup correctly? What cream and serum should you choose? How to bring out those beautiful eyes of yours?

Eye makeup removal

This is the most important skin care procedure that we must do daily. Any color cosmetic residues may cause irritation not only to skin but also to conjunctiva. In order to free eye skin area from makeup products completely, you have to reach for a product dedicated to eye care. The best choice would be a eye makeup remover or micellar lotion. Once you have it, damp a cotton pat with either product and press it to your closed eye. Wait a while to let the mascara and eye shadows melt and transfer to the pad. Later, start sliding the pad from the outer to the inner corner of the eye – be very gentle with this. Keep repeating this procedure with a fresh cotton pad until you notice that the pad you’re holding in your hand is clean; when it doesn’t pick up any cosmetic.

Eye cream

After freeing your eye skin from makeup products, it’s time to reach for an eye cream. While choosing such a cosmetic, mind your skin problems. Also, make sure that the eye cream you want to use will satisfy the needs of this specific skin area. What needs? For example, eye creams are characterized by a lightweight consistency which ensures their fast absorption and easy application. In most cases, such skin care product is free from fragrances that are known for causing irritation. Instead, such products contain vitamins and plant/herbal extracts that deliver long-lasting results: they nourish, stimulate collagen synthesis, erase fine lines, soothe irritations, reduce puffiness and brighten up dark circles.

Moreover, while looking for an eye cream, you should focus more on your skin needs rather than on the age group that the particular product is dedicated to. For example, if your skin is prone to puffiness and dark circles, you should look for the ingredients responsible for leaving skin brighter as well as for those that boost blood flow and lymph drainage – vitamin C and K, caffeine as well as extracts taken from cornflower and arnica should do the work. In the case of loose skin, you must find creams that will give you skin-lift effect and improve skin resilience. Such products contain the following ingredients: wheat proteins, rice extract and hexapeptide.

Eye serum

Dehydrated and loose skin should be treated with stronger preparations, such as a nourishing eye serum. It can be used morning and evening, or only at bedtime. When you spread this cosmetic evenly around the eyes, start using a gentle patting motion. Later, follow with your favorite eye cream.

Eye pads are also worth using if you care for improving your eye skin. In most cases, such products are infused with hyaluronic acid, algae extract or ginkgo biloba. Apart from giving almost an instant moisturizing effect, eye pads improve skin resilience and additionally they may be able to highlight dark circles and reduce puffiness, provided that they are enriched with the right active substances.

How to define your eyes?

Your eyes can be enhanced due to proper eye makeup. Therefore, before putting on eye shadow or eye pencil, prepare the eye skin first by using a smoothing makeup base. Thanks to this, you will distribute eye shadows evenly on the eyelids. Also, you can be sure that the eye shadows you want to use won’t flake off or dust your cheeks. Next, you have to apply thick coats of mascara – this makeup product gives the more definition to eyes. If you wish to make your lashes longer and thicker, it’s a good idea to invest some money in a good eyelash serum. This product gives you full-looking eyelashes without you putting much effort into it – eyebrow serum has to be applied once a day, before going to sleep.