The most common mistakes in skin care. How not to take care of the complexion?

Our skin is very delicate by nature and loses its moisture very easily. It applies to women in particular. Therefore, the skin might start losing good condition and beautiful looks due to too often exfoliation and using inappropriate cosmetics. It turns out that it is not a matter of skin type, but the way we take care of it.

In theory, we all know how to take care of the complexion. Nevertheless, we tend to make the same mistakes notoriously, which result in various types of skin problems. We pay a fairly high price for our forgetfulness or ignoring the basic principles that apply to skin care. With time, the dried, irritated, acne-prone skin will be more difficult to restore to normal. Piling up problems do not make the task easier and choosing the right skin care products becomes really difficult.


There are several mistakes that we still make, even though we are well aware of their negative effect on the condition of our skin. What not to do if we want to have a healthy and beautiful complexion?

1. Washing face with soap and water

After a long day, it’s important to thoroughly cleanse your face, get rid of makeup and accumulated dirt. The easiest way would be to reach for a  soap bar and water that we usually have at hand. Unfortunately, traditional soaps are alkaline and destroy the natural protective hydro-lipid barrier of the skin. Washing your face with soap once in a while will not hurt you, but if you repeat this mistake regularly, it can cause severe irritation and contribute to skin dehydration. Ordinary soap makes the skin very irritated and prone to microdamage.

What to use instead of a soap? A delicate face cleansing gel or a lotion that contains mild cleansing substances and various additional nutrients. If you’re already looking for a face soap, it’s definitely the one based on natural oils such as the Aleppo soap.

2. Not using toners

Toning is one of the most important stages of taking care of your complexion, which you can read about in the publications in regard to the 10 steps of the Asian skin care rituals. The physiological pH of our skin is about 5.5 – unfortunately, this value may vary due to the cosmetics used or other external factors. The use of a toner is a guarantee that we will not have to wait for several hours for the natural pH to recover because the toner will restore it in a few minutes.

3. No makeup removal

A disastrous mistake that women ten to make too often is sleeping with their makeup on. Most often, it’s a result of laziness – we either do not remove the makeup at all, or we do it very imprecisely. It is worth knowing that the remains of cosmetics and impurities can hinder important regenerative processes that occur in the skin cells during sleep. Any remains of cosmetics and dirt clog the pores, causing blackheads and acne. Also, they block the access of oxygen and interrupt water exchange – such processes are very important for maintaining health.

Tip: makeup removal is best done with a delicate micellar water or natural oils that do not irritate the eyes and remove even waterproof cosmetics.

4. No variety in cosmetics

Our complexion loves changes, but we tend to forget about it. Using the same cosmetic for a long time does not suit our skin, because it gets used to specific ingredients. Also, they don’t respond to its current needs which change depending on the season, general body condition, cycle (applies to women) and many other factors. The most common mistake in skin care is the use of the same cream for years. The principle says that you should have at least two face creams (one for the warmer months and another for the wintertime).

5. Badly selected products

There are many guides that have already been written about how to match cosmetics to particular skin types. However, we still have a problem when choosing the right products and often reach for universal formulas. This is not a good idea especially if we suffer from acne or have sensitive complexion. By using inappropriately chosen cosmetics, we can get strong irritations to the least.

Take a quick look at what face cream to choose from:

  • acne skin loves creams with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients, as well as gentle cleansing and non-dehydrating products, therefore they should not have alcohol or silicones;
  • oily skin will be fond of light, moisturizing creams that contain components responsible for balancing the secretion of sebum, purifying and refreshing;
  • dry skin requires very strong hydration, so a cream with humectants will be most appropriate, but also with oils that will prevent the loss of hydration;
  • capillary skin is usually sensitive, so facial creams must be gentle, moisturize and nourish, but also narrow the blood vessels.

6. Too many cosmetics at once

The skin likes changes but does not tolerate exaggeration, so we should introduce minimalism in everyday care. Just a makeup remover, face wash gel, toner and a face cream will be enough to take proper care of the skin. Applying too many cosmetics at the same time can cause the skin to be overloaded, the pores may become clogged and imperfections arise. Lack of moderation may cause more harm than good (we can only make the complexion irritated and red).