Take a delight in applying movie make up. Highlighting powder Glamour Glow from Kryolan


Kryolan cosmetic in a nutshell

Kryolan brand is famous for producing cosmetics and make up accessories destined for characterization, care and colorization. These products are used in theatre dressing rooms, at movies sets as well as in the fashion shows backstage. What is more, Kryolan is also popular among professional make up lovers, stylists, artists and among those performing daily make up not only for work but also for parties.

What is new from Kryolan?

It is not a secret that Kryolan is increasing its offer all the time, taking care of the quality and at the same time of the diversity of their products. This time, Kryolan offers to make up artists and people appreciating professional make up a brightening powder – Glamour Glow.

This cosmetic was pressed and put into a little, metal box. Inside, one can find a mirror and a pocket with an applicator included. When it comes to the pocket itself, it is located under the powder and is characterized by several holes which provide air circulation. The set is packed into a silver cardboard box with the brand logo illustration – the sign of stage destination of the product. Furthermore, the weight of Glamour Glow equals 10 grams. Equally important are the features of the cosmetic itself. Firs of all, Kryolan brightening powder is easy to apply, does not form any smudges or stains. This seems quite obvious since an actress’ complexion needs to stay flawless. Secondly, the cosmetic provides a slight glowing effect, giving skin the healthy and radiant look. Thirdly, Glamour Glow can be used as a face modelling agent by applying it on the appropriate face parts. Fourthly, this cosmetic works also as eye make up product. If applied under eyebrows, in the inner corners of eyes and right above these, then eyes turn out to be bigger and wider.

Glamour Glow powder from Kryolan is available in the following five shades Plush Peach, Natural Tan, Salsa, Blush Mauve and Pale Tan. The last one is characterized by glowing properties, whereas the others are classic highlighters.