Smoky Stories, Bourjois eye-shadow palettes


Definitely, smoky eyes make-up style is one of the most popular beautifying techniques. Despite the fact, it is not so easy to perform, still, it is worth trying to since the outcomes might be astonishing. Fortunately, with the aid of Smoky Stories from Bourjois achieving your own smoky eye effect is going to be a child’s play.

Smoky Eyes – some basic rules

How to perform smoky eyes make-up? Basically, all you need are four eye shadows. More advanced women along with the professional make-up artists use also some additional cosmetics. Nevertheless, if it is your first time with smoky eyes style, suffice to buy eye-shadows of similar colour scheme. In other words, pick the palette of shades which presents so-called gradient of colours. For example, such a palette comprises of two contrasting shades, like a black and a white one, and two middle shades such as grey colours. Generally, there are a few ways of performing smoky eyes style. To demonstrate, you can start form applying the brightest shade on the inner corner of the eye and right beneath brow bone. Next, add the middle-coloured shades in the center of your eyelids. The outer corner of the eye should be covered with the darkest shade provided in the palette. The same rule applies to the lower eyelid. The second manner of smoky eye style performance is about painting your eyes the other way round than presented above. Simply, start with the darkest shadows and end with the brightest ones. The third way consists in applying the base shadows of natural colour at the begging of the upper eyelid. Next, put a darker shade on the outer corner of the eye and the brightest shadows on the opposite corner. The lower eyelid, in turn, should be painted with the middle-coloured shadows.

All of the above-mentioned ways of performing smoky eye make-up can be done with Smoky Style eye-shadows. Bourjois cosmetic brand prepared eight palettes and each of these comprises of three matte and one iridescent eye shadow. The palettes are available in the following colours: Roch This Khaki, I Love Blue, Upside Brown, Over Rose, Good Nude, In Mauve Again, Ocean Obsession, Grey and Night. The point worth mentioning, the products are fairly well-pigmented. What is more, if you apply an eye make-up primer first, Smoky Style will hold longer on your eyelids, even up to 12 hours. The great advantage of Smoky Style from Bourjois, the producer provided a small applicator to each of the palettes.