Secrets of eyelash extensions procedure. How NOT to do it?

More and more frequently we tend to expose our lashes to treatments which aim is to bring out their beauty by making lashes longer and thicker. What’s even worse, we style the lashes without being aware that any incorrectly carried out procedure damages our eyelashes. We believe in the myth that eyelash extensions procedures aren’t destructive for lashes.

Negative impact that false extensions procedures have on natural lashes derives from two issues. On one hand, our eyelashes get deteriorated when we keep attaching false clusters too frequently, and we don’t give our natural lashes enough time to regenerate. On the other hand, adverse effects are produced by the improperly performed procedure. What are the most common mistakes made during false eyelash extensions application? It’s important to know them in order to react on time to the incompetence of a beautician. To your own good, it’s also wise to reach for eyelash serums which are able to strengthen the little hair and encourage natural eyelash extension.

  1. Unsterile working conditions – during the procedure only disposable accessories and sterile instruments must be used. Unfollowing the basic hygiene rules in a beauty parlour is a fast track to infection.
  2. Selecting mismatching eyelashes  – we have to be aware that the length, thickness and curl of lashes are the crucial parameters that have to be taken into consideration while choosing the lashes we want to have attached. It’s the shape that counts, not only the material the false lashes are made of. Moreover, the shape of false eyelashes have to match the shape of eyes to make the effect as natural as possible and not to overburden the natural lashes of ours. It’s also worth realizing that not all volume increasing methods might turn out to be appropriate for us. Hence, it’s the rationality that is worth following.
  3. Applying false extensions too close to the eyelid – each false eyelash has to be attached to one natural keeping 1 millimetre distance from the eyelid. Why is it so important? The adhesive tends to gather at eyelash roots and create sharp-edged lumps which can cause discomfort and irritate.
  4. Attaching clusters to baby lashes – a newly-grown lash (baby lash) is too delicate and not strong enough to carry false one. Attaching false lashes to baby lashes is a mistake that leads to excessive eyelash loss and disturb lash growth.
  5. No lash separating or combing – lashes that are neither separated nor combed during and at the end of a procedure tend to cling one to another. This in turn hinders coating lashes with a mascara, contributes to falling out of lashes and weakening them. Also, it simply looks bad.
  6. Improper eyelash care provided after the procedure – extended eyelashes need to be well-treated even after undergoing the procedure. This treatment happens to be even more damaging if we don’t follow a beautician’s instructions or (what’s even worse) we weren’t instructed how to take care of the false extensions. During the first few days since the procedure, it’s crucial to avoid contact with water. Moreover, the false extensions must not be touched, treated with greasy cosmetics and they have to be cleansed appropriately. These are just a few examples how to deal with false extensions to help them remain good-looking.
  7. Undergoing the procedure of false eyelash extensions despite contraindications – inflammations may become even more severe is we attach eyelash clusters to the already weakened lashes. A beautician should assess whether attaching false eyelashes may cause any major damage to the natural lashes of a particular person. Trying to beautify lashes at any cost isn’t a good idea, undoubtedly.