Parure Gold from Guerlain and picking the ideal make up foundation tips.


Parure Gold from Guerlain foundation, highlights, smooths and camouflages small skin imperfections. Additionally, the cosmetic efficiently covers dark circles around eyes, minor wrinkles and, what is more, makes us look 10 years younger. Parure Gold foundation contains yellow and pink pigments with golden elements, which brighten face skin and give gleam and freshness to our complexion. The product is of light consistency and is characterized by pleasant flavour. One can identify fruity scents like, for example peach and strawberry, as well as flower scents, such as rose and jessamine. What is more, Parure Gold foundation includes SPF 15 sunscreen which protects our skin from the devastating effects of the solar radiation (for example, solar stains formation.) Cosmetic shops are equipped with eight Parure Gold shadows to choose from. Mainly, these are beige and light brown colours. Moreover, Parure Gold foundation is closed into a tall, black package ended with a pump dispenser. The capacity of a single bottle equals 30 ml.

To do the proper make up it is enough to distribute two or three pump pushes. The foundation should be warmed up either on fingers or on palm. The cosmetic is to be applied at the first place on neck and in the middle of face, to be spread on the cheeks, jaw and temples afterwards. While applying the make up, one can use flat make up brushes or simply pat the cosmetic into the face with one’s fingers. Due to the light formula, Parure Gold from Guerlain is easy to apply.

How to pick the ideal foundation? And, is it even possible? The answer is definitely positive. Nevertheless, one condition has to be fulfilled. You must devote the appropriate amount of time to achieve it. Before you rush for shopping, it is worth being aware of that a foundation should be flawlessly matched not only with your skin tone and type of complexion but also with the season. For the summer days, a foundation of light formula is suggested. What is the light formula? Making long story short, light formula foundation is a kind of cosmetic that is neither going to clump nor run down the face while exposed to the high temperatures. On the other hand, during winter our face should be covered with moisturizing and protecting from frost and freezing wind foundation. What is more, our skin tone differs accordingly to the particular season. That is why, it is worth adjusting the make up taking into consideration whether our complexion is tanned or not. Furthermore, while deciding on the foundation, you should look at the properties it possesses. Quite different working is represented by a cosmetic for acne skin and completely different designed for dry skin. To sum up, the choice of the ideal foundation provides us not only with the pretty appearance, but also makes our skin more healthier and nourished.