Oily skin care tips. Beauty treatments for oily skin

Undoubtedly, oily skin requires special treatment. Once we provide it with the proper care, which is application of products and beauty treatments that answer oily skin needs, then skin will surely say ‘thank you’ with its flawless look. Why does skin get oily and how to recognize this skin type in the first place? What beauty treatments are recommended for oily skin? What are corundum microdermabrasion, needleless mesotherapy, RetixC, mandelic acid peel (seboregulating) and snail peptide facial treatment?

Why does complexion get oily?

The direct cause of skin getting too oily is the excessive production of sebum by oil glands, which is triggered by hormonal disorders. In woman it’s high level of progesterone, whereas in men it’s androgen.

What are the characteristic features of oily skin type?

The most distinctive features of oily skin are:

  • skin dullness, unhealthy shine in T-zone (forehead, nose, chin);
  • enlarged skin pores, frequently with blackheads;
  • poor blood supply, which translates into morning paleness;
  • susceptibility to acne and discoloration;
  • roughness.

Beauty treatments for oily skin: Corundum Microdermabrasion

Corundum microdermabrasion is a mechanical peel which aim is to remove callus and dead epidermal cells, by which the formation of new skin cells is significantly accelerated. Moreover, corundum microdermabrasion regulates subhorea and refreshens skin.

The treatment consists of a few stages. The most important one is carried out using negative pressure and sterile corundum crystals (aluminium oxide) that when released form a special device with heads, they hit skin surface with a great speed. In this way, they are able to abrade dead epidermal cells that are sucked into a separate container. A treatment used alongside corundum microdermabrasion is low level laser (light) therapy. It’s known for accelerating the process of skin regeneration and prepares skin for creams and masks (thanks to LLLT all the nourishing substances a cream/mask contains penetrate skin faster and deeper). Corundum microdermabrasion evens skin tone and improves its suppleness. Also, owing to this treatment, face skin becomes soft and smooth.

Corundum microdermabrasion is rather an invasive procedure therefore skin mustn’t be exposed to solar radiation for 3 weeks since undergoing the treatment. It’s also forbidden to scrape off skin parts that haven’t come off under the influence of the peel so as to prevent scars and blemishes.

Beauty treatments for oily skin: Needleless Mesotherapy

Whereas needle mesotherapy uses needles, its needles alternative bases its action on electromagnetic waves. This procedure depends on pressing active substances underneath skin, which are matched with skin’s individual needs. The substances stimulate skin self-regenerating processes. Once the treatment is over, skin tone and its texture improves, face is better supplied with oxygen and nutrients. Thanks to this, face looks healthier and is more supple. Needleless mesotherapy removes dead epidermal cells and reduces the visibility of skin pores. Additionally, this beauty treatment leaves skin tissue nourished, it frees face from toxins and encourages collagen and elastin production.

Despite delivering immediate results, it’s worth undergoing 4 sessions of needleless mesotherapy to enjoy the best effects.

Beauty treatments for oily skin: RetixC Peel

RetixC is a popular anti-age treatment that is known for refreshing and improving condition of oily skin. RetixC is known for lightening face up and removing skin imperfections including blackheads and discolourations. Basically, this procedure doesn’t only help erase wrinkles but also removes dead epidermal cells.

RetixC makes use of three ingredients: retinoid, which is vitamin A, vitamin C and antioxidants that stimulate skin cell renewal processes, smooth skin intensively and regulate keratodermia. This facial peel norishises skin and improves blood circulation in its layers, which directly translates into beautified skin tone. Additionally, this procedure protects skin against infections and photo damages by reinforcing the natural protective layer of skin.

After undergoing the most important part of the treatment carried out in a doctor’s office, the patient returns home with a retinoid mask on, which has to be removed by the patient after 6-8 hours. The best effects are achieved due to regular exposition of skin to this treatment. Basically, it’s recommended to undergo at least 4 sessions every 4 weeks.

Beauty treatments for oily skin: Mandelic Acid Peel (seboregulating)

In short, mandelic acid is able to reach hair follicles and reduce bacteria responsible for acne. In this way inflammations, blackheads and papulous acne are counteracted. What’s more, this treatment closes skin pores and leaves skin lightened up, which consequently wins healthy, natural tone. Another thing worth pointing out is that mandelic acid peel removes ions of heavy metals and free radicals from skin surface. Thanks to this, skin is no longer overburdened.

After being exposed to mandelic acid chemical peel skin becomes lightened up, more supple and better hydrated. It’s worth undergoing approximately 6 sessions carried out weekly.

Beauty treatments for oily skin: Snail Peptide Facial Treatment

If oily skin lacks hydration, it’s worth undergoing snail peptide facial treatment. Snail peptide displays regenerating and antibacterial action. Also, it’s known for being good at exfoliating dead epidermal cells. The treatment is carried out in a few stages and involves, for example, the use of thermal water, application of peloid mask and application of gentle skin exfoliator. Then, the ampule with snail peptide is used. The last stage depends on putting on a cream or mask.

A substance that snail peptide extract contains stimulates cell division, moisturises skin and accelerates regeneration of epidermis. The effect in the form of highlighted, smoothened and supple skin is visible after one session.