Looking for a keratin hair mask? Reach for Nanoil!

Damaged, lackluster and dull hair? We all know this… Luckily, there is a way to tackle this problem, and the best bit about it is that you don’t even have to leave home! If you want to have smooth, soft and glossy hair, just reach for Nanoil keratin hair mask.

Hair is mostly made of keratin, therefore its shortages inevitably leads to so-to-say catastrophe on the head. In order to restore shine and good looks to hair, you need to turn to keratin. Naturally, you can go for a conditioner or a shampoo enriched with this protein, yet only a hair mask is potent enough to give you visible and long-lasting effects. By reaching for Nanoil keratin hair mask, you welcome lush and healthy hair.

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Why is reaching for Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask worth doing?

1. Keratin-rich formula

Why do we like the formula? Mostly because keratin is put right at the beginning of the list of ingredients, meaning that it’s not just a filler but a main ingredient. But that is not all. Keratin used in Nanoil mask is hydrolyzed so it’s quicker and better at penetrating shafts than its regular form, being able to fill even the smallest cracks in hair structures. Interestingly, keratin is also able to bring out the curl. Panthenol is another key ingredient, responsible for boosting gloss and locking water inside the hair.

2. Pleasant texture

Even though the mask is considered by some users as thick, the texture causes no problems with spreading the problem easily along the lengths. This also means that you don’t need much product to coat evenly the strands and supply them with this basic protein.

3. Proven effects

Other good news is that the effects of home keratin treatment with Nanoil are quick to appear. Some users noticed the difference already after just one use, which take the form of:

  • stunning shine
  • moisturizing
  • supple hair
  • protection from damage
  • deep repair
  • sleek hair

Regularity of the application of Keratin Hair Mask is pretty important, therefore in order to see these effects on your hair, you need to supply it with keratin two or three times a week. How to apply Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask? Always put it on clean hair by spreading it from the ear-level downwards. It’s recommended to let the mask sit for 15-20 minutes, but if you want to, you can either rinse the mask with lukewarm water sooner or later than that.

If you want to make your damaged hair better-looking and healthy, visit nanoil.co.uk for more information.