Lip gloss Croisiere from Givenchy

lip gloss

Lip gloss. Inconspicuous at first sight, however, it can work miracles, indeed. This product is the irreplaceable complement of the neat and perfect appearance. What is more, it substantially contributes to make-up finish. Generally, it may seem, that all a lip gloss can provide is just colouring our lips. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. This precious cosmetic comprises of many more valuable features.

Let us start with stating that there are two basic types of lip glosses, the colourless and colour ones. Both, may contain sparkling particles and both can be applied straight on the lips. So, where is the difference then? Generally speaking, colourless lip glosses are considered eminently suitable for adding a little bit of gleam to the matte lipstick. After all, we do not apply a red lip gloss on the lips already covered with a red lipstick.

Moreover, we do not do this even when the lipstick and the lip gloss are of the similar shade. This action might enhance the effect of blood red lips, obviously if we use cosmetics of the same shade. In fact, it is proven exceedingly difficult to find two identical shades of cosmetics’. However, do lip glosses hold other properties? Surprisingly, yes, they do. According to the components included into the composition of the cosmetic, lip glosses may, for instance, moisturize lips, make them bigger and tautened, to do not forget about counteracting wrinkles formation.

Having this in mind, let us check how does lip gloss Croisiere from Givenchy work. Right in the beginning, it has to be admitted, that this is not yet another, common colour cosmetic. Shea butter content makes lip skin smoothed, hydrated and protected from turning into being chapped or peeled of. Additionally, Croisiere from Givenchy positively influences the growth of hyaluronic acid level in lips, and as a consequence, the instant elasticity and smoothness of these follow. Another key point to mention, this lip gloss, or how some people could call it a lip balm, is available in two shades, 01 Natural i 02 Pink. Furthermore, Croisiere from Givenchy is sold in a little, transparent bottle closed with a black cap.

How to apply Croisiere from Givenchy? Simply, put it on the middle of the upper and lower lip and distribute towards the outer parts of these. In the end, join the lips to even the texture.