Hybrid manicure step by step. How to apply a hybrid nail polish?

Hybrid nail polishes are very durable and resistant to damage when hardened in a UV lamp. How to apply hybrid nail polish and how to remove it? Who is the hybrid manicure intended for and what are the effects?

What are the advantages of hybrid manicure?

  • it is durable (lasting up to three weeks),
  • it is resistant to damage,
  • it makes your nails shine,
  • it allows you to do nail art,
  • it makes it easier to keep long and strong nails,
  • the nail polishes are available in a wide range of colours.

Hybrid nail polishes may sensitize. In such a case consult a dermatologist or allergist.

Hybrid manicure – step by step

There is no need to visit a beauty salon if you want to have beautiful nails. You can make the hybrid manicure at home as well. How to do it step by step?

You will need:

  • base coat
  • buffing block,
  • nail cleaner,
  • top coat,
  • hybrid nail polish,
  • UV or UV / LED lamp.

Step 1. Nail plate preparation

You should start by cutting the cuticles, filing the nails and giving them the desired shape. Then buff the nail plate and wipe it with the nail cleaner.

Step 2. Application of the base coat

The next step is to apply the base coat and harden it under the lamp. Keep your nails under the UV lamp for 120 seconds and under the LED lamp – 30 seconds.

Step 3. Application of hybrid nail polish

Apply one or two layers of the selected colour and cure under the lamp (UV lamp – 120 seconds, LED lamp – 30 seconds).

Step 4. Application of the top coat

Apply the top coat and cure under the lamp.

Step 5. Final look

Wipe the nail plate with the nail cleaner to remove the sticky layer.

If you’re doing the hybrid manicure yourself, remember that the base and the nail polish should be applied at the free edges as well. It prevents the air from getting under the layers. What’s more, never skip buffing the nail plate as on a smooth surface the nail polish lasts longer. Also, do not make any corrections once you’ve finished.

How to remove hybrid manicure?

File the top coat, after that soak a cotton pad in acetone and carefully place onto your nail. Then wrap the finger in a square of aluminium foil. Leave for 5 minutes and after this time remove the nail polish with the use of an orange stick. If it’s still hard to remove, put your nail in the foil for additional 3 minutes.

Hybrid manicure – the most common mistakes

Among others:

  • too much buffing,
  • omitting the stage of removing the cuticles,
  • attempting to give proper shape to the nails in the final stage instead of at the beginning of the procedure,
  • insufficient degreasing of the nail plate,
  • applying too thick layers,
  • not applying the top coat,
  • quick and inaccurate removal of the hybrid manicure.

Be careful as professional manicurists also make some of the above-mentioned mistakes.

Such mistakes can damage the nail plate. As a result, it starts peeling off too quickly.

Hybrid manicure – effects

The hybrid manicure stays on your nails for about three weeks. After the treatment your nails look natural and very effective. We can make them matt or give them a shine.

Hybrid manicure – for whom?

Hybrid manicure is the optimal solution for women who want to have nice nails without wasting too much time. In this situation, it is worth to opt for a treatment at the beauty salon. If we prefer home treatments, hybrid manicure will also be a good idea.