How to style brows – a few simple tricks

Perfectly shaped, threaded and filled-in eyebrows are the most beautiful frame to the eyes that enhances their beauty. Therefore, brow epilation is very important. A moment of distraction while plucking can ruin the whole look. In order to create the most flattering shape, you must devote some time to, for instance, threading and be patient. Each next time will be a lot easier. Here are the best ways to obtain the best eyebrow shape. 

Set the desired shape of your brows – try to avoid being guided by stencils because each of us has a different face shape and one will not suit all of us;) What is more, the tiny hairs grow in all directions and the stencil might interfere. We might end up looking unnatural.

Reach for a pencil and apply it to the face so that one of the ends reaches the nose and the inner part of the eyebrows. By basing the pencil on the nose you will mark the place where the eyebrow should start. Then place the pencil on the face so that it touches the nose and the outer corner of the eye – thanks to this you will mark the outer end of the eyebrows.

Point the arch 

The top of the eyebrows, ie the most upward part, should be in a straight line that crosses the nasal and the iris of the eye vertically (passing through its centre).

Adjusting eyebrows with tweezers – the hair outside the marked area, far beyond the eyebrow arch, should simply be plucked out. It is best to do it after bathing, when the skin is less tight. You can apply an ice cube to the eyebrow to desensitize the are a bit. The hairs should be removed carefully, preserving the natural shape of the eyebrows.

One hair too far – what to do if you pluck too many hairs

Overplucked eyebrows must simply grow back. A slight flaw can be covered with an eyebrow pomade. What is more, hair regrowth can be significantly accelerated with the help of a top-quality eyelash serum. Thanks to such a product this arduous process will shorten from several months to several weeks. The best eyelash serum can be successfully used on both eyebrows as well as lashes.

A good way to determine the shape of the eyebrows is to go to the beautician – she will professionally define their shape so that each subsequent procedure will be easy and calmly done alone in the comfort of your own home.