How to remove face makeup? cleansing milk, face wash foam, gel and micellar water – what are their properties?


In the evening, after a whole day, the face is just dirty. Dust, exhaust fumes, excess sebum, sweat, bacteria and makeup. Careless makeup removal is the cause of skin irritation and red, itchy and swollen eyes in the morning. What facial makeup remover to use to avoid these problems? Try out a cleansing milk, a face wash foam and gel, micellar liquid and discover their properties. 

Facial cleansing milk – properties 

Facial cleansing milk contains the most moisturizing ingredients and oils the most effectively. But this is not an advantage if you have oily skin. Apply the lotion to the face with a cotton pad and gently wipe the face. Keep replacing the cotton pads until they are clean.

Face cleansing foam and gel – properties 

The light formula of the foam makes it the perfect cosmetic for removing makeup for women who have oily skin. Both the foam and the makeup removal gel can be used the same way as the cleansing milk, but you can also treat it as a face cleanser: first, massage it into the skin and then rinse with water.
If you wash your face with a gel or a foam, first moisten the face and neck with water. Only later apply some of the preparation to your hands, smear it on your face and massage gently until it lathers. Rinse thoroughly. Use lukewarm water for washing. The hot water dissolves and removes the lipid protective layer of the epidermis.

Micellar water – properties 

Micellar water combines the action of a gel, a milk, a toner and eye makeup remover, because it not only removes makeup, but also refreshes the complexion. It can also affect the narrowing of pores and prevent the formation of pimples. First of all, after regular use, it moisturizes the skin, thanks to which it becomes soft, smooth and pleasant to the touch. Micellar water is especially recommended for women with sensitive and dry complexion because it does not irritate, does not clog pores and does not leave a greasy film on the surface. It does not contain fragrances and dyes, and usually contains a minimal amount of preservatives, making it an ideal preparation for women with allergic, atopic and acne-prone skin.