How to make your hands and body smooth? Re-Nutriv creams from Estée Lauder

re-nutriIntensive Smoothing Hand Creme and Intensive Smoothing Body Creme from Re-Nutriv Collection form Estée Lauder

In general, Re-Nutriv Collection from Estée Lauder comprises of a number of products. This time, we are investigating two, following products of the collection: Intensive Smoothing Hand Creme and Intensive Smoothing Body Creme. Let us start with the package. The first cosmetic is closed in a tube of 100 ml capacity, whereas the second one is placed in a jar of 300 ml capacity. Both products are to here restore youth, firmness and tautness to the skin. After Re-Nutriv beauty treatment, the body and hands turn into being more soft and smooth. Furthermore, Re-Nutriv creams from Estée Lauder counteract skin desquamation, irritations and the feeling of skin contraction. A significant advantage, all the cosmetics were dermatologist-tested, which is why, people having sensitive skin can use the products without hesitation. Additionally, Intensive Smoothing Hand Creme contains discolourations highlighting properties.

Other ways of body skin moisturization

What cosmetics and preparations can be applied in order to hydrate and smooth skin? Is it necessary to buy the products with more costly composition? As a matter of fact, not really. The truth is, you can take benefit out of a common baby oil or an oily cream. What is more, our skin can be taken care of by moisturizing shower gels or cosmetic butters, for example Shea butter. By making your own, homemade products such as sugar scrub with olive oil, you are able to exfoliate and supply the body with necessary oils. Moreover, you can hydrate the body from the inside by consuming fruits and vegetables. Obviously, mineral water drinking has its key factor as well.

Precondition – moisturization! But when?

Do it when your skin is transforming into being harsh and rough. Basically, all irritations are the signals given by your dehydrated skin that cannot be ignored. Low temperatures and freezing wind badly influences the condition of epidermis. What is more, the skin should be moisturized after each bathing or after each hand wash. Point often overlooked, we should lubricate our body after doing house chores, like for example cleaning up the bathroom. This activity requires usage of detergents containing a lot of drying agents. Cartainly, working in the garden may also appear quite unfavourable for our hands since some plants cause allergic reactions of dermis.