How to apply false eyelashes at home?

False eyelashes are an easy and cheap way to have nicely emphasized eyes. This is a very popular procedure among women who need an immediate effect. One option involves a visit in a beauty salon, where a professional extends the lashes. However, this is quite an expensive and time-consuming procedure that need to be repeated on a regular basis. An alternative is an application of an eyelash strip. In the first case, a beautician attaches at least one false lash to a natural one, while in the second the eyelash strip is glued just above the upper eyelash line. How to apply and remove false eyelashes?

How to apply false eyelashes?

Before you begin, darken the eyelash line with a black or brown eyeliner. Then carefully apply mascara to your natural lashes making sure you don’t stick them together. You can also apply henna a day or two days before the application.

Then, carefully remove the eyelash strip from the lash tray with the use of tweezers. Before you apply it, make sure that the length of the strip is appropriate. If it’s too long, trim it from the outside edge, so the outer corner of your eye. The strip should be placed about 1-2 millimetres before the iris edge and end about 1-2 millimetres before the outer corner.

Once the strips are trimmed, apply a bit of glue and wait about 30-50 seconds for the glue to dry slightly. Then apply the strips as close to the natural lash line as possible and gently press. If there are any gaps, fill it in with a black eyeliner.

How to remove false eyelashes?

The adhesive used should become elastic enough to pull the eyelash strips off after some time. Use your fingernail or tweezers to peel the strips off, gently pull them to the centre of your eye. Use a cleaning milk, oil or two-phase make-up remover to remove the remaining adhesive. Soak a cotton pad in one of the liquids and hold it on your eye to loosen the adhesive. If you’re struggling to do it, use a bit of petroleum jelly.

In general, false eyelashes are reusable. The adhesive remains should be are removed just after each use. Then store them in the original lash tray so that they don’t lose their original shape.