Hand Care Guide. Best Home Remedies for Smooth Hands

Due to the global pandemic, we started taking better care of our hands. Apart from washing them more often, we also use various kinds of hand sanitizers on a daily basis, which may lead to irritations and dehydration of skin. Do you have to choose between having either clean or moisturized hands? Luckily, you can have both, and today we’ll tell you how to get clean and good-looking hands easily.

Hands seem to be one of those body parts that we notice while looking at a person for the first time. After all, we often shake hands when telling a person we see for the first time our name. These are our hands that we use to caress our loved ones. Without hands, we wouldn’t be able to do hundreds of activities we normally do throughout a day. Being so clearly important, it’s surprising how thin and delicate hand skin is. Even though we are so well-aware of how fragile the skin is, we don’t wear gloves or don’t apply any hand cream after using sanitizer. It can’t be denied, hands reveal how old we really are. With that being said, wouldn’t it be wise to take good care of hands as we do it with face skin?

1. Handwashing

Washing your hands is super important. A regular person removes dirt, grime and bacteria from hands using soap and water a few times a day, which may have doubled recently for the obvious reasons. Since this element of personal hygiene is so basic, it’s suggested using a good bar of soap that doesn’t have any unwanted ingredients that may leave the hands irritated. In other words, if you want your hands to stay smooth and moisturized, try to find all-natural soap.

2. Hand scrub

Weekly face exfoliation is one of the basic elements of skin routine. Why do we focus on face only? Our hands would also use some scrubbing from time to time. If you want to get rid of dead cells, you can either buy a hand scrub or make one at home. All you have to do is combine white sugar with a cosmetic oil (e.g. argan or sweet almond oil. Note: make sure it’s unrefined and cold-pressed). Once you combine both ingredients, you can apply them to the hands and start massaging. You will feel the difference immediately after rinsing the scrub out.

3. Hand cream

Whether or not it sounds okay to you, hand cream should be used every time you wash the hands. Why? Firstly, hand cream replenishes dehydrated skin with water and soothes it. Additionally, this product creates an occlusive film on the hands to lock the water inside. For that reason, you should always have two hand creams: one standing on the washbasin in your bathroom, and the other should be carried around in your bag. Furthermore, while choosing a hand cream, you shouldn’t focus on the aroma but the ingredients. It’s suggested treating your hands with plant oils and vegetable butters, aloe, panthenol and vitamins.

4. Something special for hands

Apart from the basic, day-to-day hand care, exposing your hands to something special would give you outstanding results. You can do so in a few ways:

  • Slather your hands with a cream, put on gloves and… go to sleep. In the morning your hands will be soft and moisturized like never before.
  • How about a hand mask? Your hands deserve to be given a portion of nutrients from time to time. Combine olive oil (or any other plant oil) with an egg yolk to create a deeply moisturizing repair hand treatment.
  • Try some lemon hand soak. Pour juice freshly squeezed from one lemon into a bowl filled with warm water. Submerge your hands. After a few minutes you will see less discolorations on the skin. This treatment is also recommended for those who would like their hand skin to be more tight.