Hand and foot care – the perfect treatment before summer

It is a tradition that every girl devotes more time to the care of her hands and feet before summer. It is not just about painting nails, but also about taking care of your hands and heels. See how to do it correctly and what cosmetics to use? Let’s find out. 

Hand care 

The skin of the hand does not have as many sebaceous glands as the face, which is why it becomes dry faster and is exposed to many harmful factors. Similarly with nails. If we do not take care of them properly, they will start splitting up and lose their natural colour. Hand care should begin with … changing habits related to cleaning (the house), washing and winter protection. Detergents in cleaning products, dehydrating soaps and low temperatures can weaken the condition of the nails and irritate the skin of the hands.

Hand beauty and conditioning treatments 

Hand protection must go hand in hand with conditioning treatments. It is very important to use a moisturizing and regenerating cream before going outdoors, before and after doing household chores, as well as after washing hands or after bathing. Once a week, it is good to use a scrub once a week This way you will remove dead skin cells, soften the skin and smooth the surface of the nails. It is also worth using masks and paraffin baths. As a result, the skin will become soft and smooth, and its colour will be uniform.

Take care of your feet 

Foot care requires a bit more effort than hand care. The entire weight of the body rests on the feet, the skin thickens faster, breaks and hardens; corns and blisters appear. To improve the condition of your feet, start with a bath with the addition of mineral salts. All you have to do is soak your feet twice a week for about 10 minutes. Thanks to such treatments, you can easily remove the thickened epidermis from the heels, smooth out the surface and file your nails.

Tips and tricks for nice feet

You can use ordinary pumice or a file to smooth out the skin of your heels. You will also get good results with a milling machine that is commonly used in beauty salons. To moisturize and protect the skin of heels from keratosis and abrasion, use creams with urea and vitamins A and E. You can also try paraffin baths, masks and exfoliating socks or scrubs.