Eyelash curling methods – what is an eyelash lift?

Eyelash lift is a procedure performed in beauty salons that involves lifting the eyelashes at the root. It is an alternative to eyelash curlers. How does the treatment look like, what should you do after the procedure and what are the effects? Who should try it and what are the contraindications? And finally – what is the price of the eyelash lift?

Eyelash lift – genesis

The LVL Eyelash lifting is a method developed by a British company which specialises in eyelash treatments. The abbreviation ‘LVL’ is an acronym of the names of effects that should be expected after eyelash lift:

  • length,
  • volume,
  • lift.

What is the eyelash lift?

At the beginning of the treatment, a beautician applies a special preparation to your eyelashes. It will nourish the eyelashes, rebuild their structure and also make it easier to style the lashes. The nest stage is curling with the use of small-size rollers or silicone shield. It takes about 15-20 minutes, during this time eyes need to be closed. Next, the beautician applies a setting solution, a nourishing lotion and a darkening mascara, which can replace a regular mascara for a while. This does not mean, however, that you should give up this cosmetic, because the effect of curled eyelashes will be even more spectacular with a bit of mascara on.

Eyelash lift – after the treatment

For at least 24 hours after the treatment do not rub your eyes or wet your eyelashes. During this time, it’s better to skip applying mascara or cream under your eyes. In many beauty salons you will receive a moisturising serum, which should be applied for a few days after the treatment.

Eyelash lift – effects

The effects of eyelash lift last for up to 8 weeks.

The eyelashes after the treatment are curled, darker, nourished and shiny. For the first 24 hours they are usually slightly wet from the cosmetics used, therefore can be a bit clumpy. The best effect is visible the next day, once the eyelashes are combed, they are natural and look nice.

Eyelash lift – for whom?

Eyelash lift is a treatment especially recommended for women whose eyelashes are naturally dense, long and straight; the effect is the most spectacular with this kind of eyelashes. Although the treatment is generally recommended for all women, the effects may vary.

Eyelash lift – contraindications

Those include:

  • glaucoma or cataract;
  • conjunctivitis;
  • eye infections and inflammations;
  • allergic eye diseases;
  • dry eye syndrome, which requires frequent use of eye drops;
  • delicate eyes and skin around the eyes that is easily irritated.

Contact lenses are not a contraindication, but should be removed from the eyes before the procedure.

Eyelash lift – price

The price varies depending on the beauty salon and the city, but, in general, it is not expensive. It may happen that we pay less for the eyelash lift than for an eyelash curler.