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Dual phase eye makeup remover Bi-Facil from Lancome. DIY: dual phase makeup remover


Dual phase liquid – what is this?

In general, dual phase liquid is one of the cosmetics used to perform makeup removal. Obviously, it can be used to the total face makeup removal, although, at most cases, it is used to cleanse the around eyes skin area in particular. What does a dual phase makeup remover consist of? This kind of cosmetic comprises of water phase, which is to relieve irritations of eyelids and area around eyes. The second phase is the oily one, removing makeup, even that waterproof as well as moisturizing face skin. Before each application, it is suggested to shake the package to enable these two phases to combine since these stay separated when put away.

Is it possible to produce your own dual phase makeup removal at home? Surprisingly, it is possible, however, you have to be careful with the selection of ingredients because these must correspond with the needs of your complexion. What is more, you have to be also conscious that the dual phase makeup remover can cause irritations. This kind of product can clog skin pores and lead to the excessive sebum production. Having this in mind, the dual phase makeup removers have the application only to eyes makeup removal.

Coming back to the homemade dual phase makeup removal recipe, combine linseed oil, or other of your choice, together with water. If you would like to apply the product on your eyes, you can add castor oil as well. Certainly, pour the preparation into a bottle. Of course, do not forget to shake the bottle before the application to activate the double-action formula of the cosmetic.

Dual phase eye makeup remover Bi-Facil from Lancome

Needless to say, Bi-Facil product from Lancome is recommended for eye makeup removal. This cosmetic gently removes all types of makeup. Evidently, Bi-Facil also deals with the waterproof makeup effectively, cares about eyelids, moisturizes and nourishes these. The tests conducted by opticians has proven the cosmetic to be totally safe for people having sensitive eyes as well as for those wearing contact lenses. When it comes to the composition, Bi-Facil from Lancome contains plant oils of relieving, antiseptic, purifying and nourishing properties. The application is no different from other similar products usage. All you have to do is distributing a few drops of the cosmetic on a cotton pad. Next, you have to put the soaked cotton pad on your eyes and wait for a while, when pressing it to the eye. In such a manner, the makeup is going to dissolve. When you are rushed by time, you can gently rub the eyes with the cotton pad. As a consequence, eyelids skin should remain clean and refreshed.