Do you want neat and beautiful nails? Cut the cuticles!

Should the cuticles be cut or only pushed? Regardless of which one you opt for, your manicure should always be carefully done down to smallest detail. Check how to take care of your cuticles.

Removing the cuticles – homemade methods

The best way is to push the cuticles with an orange stick. A metal cuticle pusher can deeply damage the epidermis or scratch the nail plate. For this reason, it’s best to leave such tools to professional manicurers. So how to use the orange stick? First, soak your hands in warm water with some oil for about 10 minutes. The cuticles will soften and their removal will be easier. You might also use special oil or fat cream.

Another way to remove them is a cuticle remover that dissolves cuticles. Just apply it to your skin, leave it for a certain amount of time and then wash it off with warm water. Unfortunately, these products contain chemical substances that can irritate the skin. On the other hand, they slow down the regrowth and give better results in a shorter time.

Other methods

Another remedy for your cuticles can be an oil-serum. Such a cosmetic will moisturise and soften the skin and make the nails shine. Oil-serums are the best for damaged nails. Remember to apply them on a clean nail plate so that they are better absorbed. You can use serums with vitamin E which give a rebuilding, polishing and strengthening effect. On the other hand, do not use products containing acetone as they may irritate and dry the nail plate and the skin. In fact, acetone causes thickening of the cuticles.

Removing the cuticles with nail drills

Using a nail drill requires a lot of practice. Incorrect handling of the device can lead to nails and skin damage. That is why it is very important to fit the right nail drill bit and be careful during the treatment. Do not press it too much against the skin and nails. When you’ve finished, remove the dust and apply a cream.