Coconut oil and its varieties – properties and use

Women who are only at the beginning of their cosmetic journey with natural oils often choose Coconut oil as the first one. Is it a good idea? What is the use of Coconut oil in the cosmetics? What are the opinions and – more importantly – how to choose the best one?

Coconut oil in cosmetics vs Coconut oil in the kitchen – what’s the difference?

The difference between these two is rather significant. Coconut oil you intend to place in the bathroom (and use on your body and hair) must be unrefined. Thanks to this feature, its cosmetic properties and valuable components are maintained – they determine that Coconut oil is such a great cosmetic.

What is refined Coconut oil used for? 

Refinement means that Coconut oil is subjected to a thermal processing, which deprives it not only of most minerals and other valuable ingredients, but also the smell, the taste and its aroma. Refined Coconut oil is used mainly for cooking (it is resistant to high temperature). Also, another advantage is its price: refined Coconut oil is less expensive than the cold-pressed one and has a lot longer expiry date. Coconut oil for cooking purposes gathers good reviews also because it has a high smoke point and therefore does not decompose at high temperature to aldehydes and ketones harmful to health.

What is unrefined Coconut oil recommended for?

Unrefined Coconut oil is mainly used for beauty purposes. It works great as a hair and scalp mask, it can successfully replace a body lotion, face cream and it brings benefits when used instead of makeup remover, hand and feet cream or even as a lip balm. Not many people are aware of the fact that Coconut oil whitens teeth! Coconut oil as a whitening toothpaste receives many great opinions. 

Unrefined Coconut oil is obtained through coconuts’ pulp cold-pressing. The process allows retaining vitamins and nutrients that condition and beautify our hair and body. It is worth remembering that the unrefined Coconut oil is meant for beauty purposes whilst the refined one is dedicated to cooking purposes.