Beautiful and groomed fingernails in 3 simple steps

Spring and time off is the perfect time to take better care of yourself. Anyone needs a bit of cheering up from time to time. Instead of eating another cookie, you can add a bit of color to your look. Colorful fingernails are what you need. Every time you look down on them, you’ll simply feel better. Do you know how to correctly take care of your fingernails so that they always look fresh and trendy? Grooming your nails is important! Meet 3 simple steps to perfect manicure.

Taking care of fingernails in 3 simple steps – at-home manicure

1. File your nails to begin with

Providing nails with correct shape is the first step. Choose the shape you like, all of them are trendy and in fact, it depends only on the shape of your nail plate. At this point in life, you probably know whether your fingernails look better in almond shape, square, or rounded shapes. Choose your favorite so that it matches your natural nails line.

Use a paper or glass file because metal one can overly dilacerate the nails and the microdamage will then result in nails layering. What is more, the paper file is cheap but uses up very fast and you have to replace it quite often. On the other hand, the glass file is a greater expense but definitely worth it because it causes no damage to the nail plate and makes edges perfectly smooth. It does not use up this fast so it’s a good investment in beautiful nails. Its only flaw is that it can shatter.

2. Take care of the cuticles

Grooming your cuticles can be quite easy. You should take care of cuticles and make sure to maintain them in flawless condition because when overgrown can ruin the effect of even most beautiful manicure. How to remove cuticles? Use a special softening cosmetic, wait as long as the instruction states, and push back cuticles with a wooden stick.

If cuticles are too long, cut them off with cuticle nippers. When cuticles were pushed back, it’s quite easy to reach them.

Remember also to use cuticles conditioner because when they are soft it is easier to care for them. When the cuticles are hard and layered, it’s removal is tiresome. The perfect conditioner (not only for the cuticles but the whole nail plate) is natural oil so if you look for a way to quickly regenerate damaged nails, use castor oil.

3. Manicure

Manicure is not limited to application of your favorite color. Of course, you can do that, but if you like, e.g. dark, strong colors, then the color alone is a fast lane towards nail plate discoloration. For this reason, before you start to get all crazy with the colors, first remove the oil with a special cleaner, then apply the nail polish base. It not only protects the nail plate but also nourishes it and extends nail polish wear.

Only now it is a good time to apply the nail polish of choice. Apply two layers of nail polish to extract the depth of the color. Choose various colors and mix them up as you like. If you happen to mess the cuticles, you don’t need a special remover. Just dip the cotton bud in the nail polish remover and remove the excess nail polish from around the nail plate. To finish up apply the setting liquid – just a drop on each nail is enough.

Now you can apply the top, i.e. colorless nail polish to ensure nails with gloss and prevent nail polish breaking and chipping. If you are into that kind of thing, you can create a subtle pattern on the nails. You will then need a thin brush. Take some nail polish and draw lines, leaves, and hearts. Good luck!