Argan oil – elixir of youth

Do you spend enormous amounts of money on anti-ageing cosmetics?

Do you call a dermatologist, because a cosmetic caused allergic reaction?

Do you call your beautician, because she might help as well?

You call the vet… no… it is not that bad. However, if there was a ray of hope for a wonderful elixir – you would have also phoned him.

Meanwhile, the recipe for longevity is very simple.

It is hidden in natural oils that have been prized for centuries by medicine in the East.

Their force comes from the strongest, most powerful parts of the plants – the seeds which are the essence of vitality and youth.

Extracted from the seeds, natural oil act as a wonderful elixir. It is the remedy for all the imperfections of the skin and hair. Additionally, it takes care of the body from the feet to the hair ends. Such product is irreplaceable in the fight for maintaining and prolonging the beauty and youth of our body and hair.

The most powerful oil used for fighting against skin ageing is argan oil.

It is rich in vitamin E and is called the vitamin of youth. It helps fight free radicals, because it is a powerful antioxidant. It prevents the formation of dark spots on the skin (and those increase with age). Additionally, it provides nutrients to cells of the skin and strengthens blood vessels. Therefore, either skin or hair does not lose its elasticity. Few people know that this inconspicuous vitamin also helps hair grow faster.

Furthermore, argan oil will work as an ant-ageing serum. Keep in mind that it will bring best results used regularly, not only preventing the formation of wrinkles, but also significantly smoothing the existing ones. It is referred to as ‘an iron for wrinkles‘ and it is a completely true statement.

Moreover, argan oil is also rich in a diversity of unsaturated fatty acids from the group of omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9. They improve all the good processes in our body – including those responsible for the beauty of our hair, skin and nails. You could say that they “saturate” the body with beauty and health. Argan oil is a power of good fatty acids.

What is more, argan oil also protects, the skin and hair from damaging effects of external factors, including UV radiation. The sun rays are in 80% responsible for skin and hair ageing. Proper protection against harmful UV rays is extremely essential.

Pure argan oil is a safe substance. It can be used by people with even very sensitive skin. It will deal with atopic dermatitis, acne and with very dry scalp. If you have damaged hair, difficult to style, tired of different styling treatments, extremely thin or frizzy, you must reach for argan oil. Go ahead and use it in the hair oiling treatment.

First of all, apply your oil on dry hair and scalp, wrap in a towel to form a warm compress and…sit back and relax. Wash it off with a mild shampoo after a minimum of two hours. As the hair absorbs the beneficial ingredients of the oil, you can also serve the skin of the face and apply argan a few drops of oil. For better results, perform a few-minute gentle massage. Thanks to this, you will improve the work of the cells. Argan oil is also a great addition to masks – both the face and the hair.