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Why All Bloggers Love Nanobrow? We’re Revealing the Secret of the Outstanding Brow Serum

A good beauty product is the one receiving positive reviews and which works perfectly for the greatest number of satisfied customers. Only under such circumstances can it be recommended to the others. Thus, we eagerly read reviews, we want to find out which product is ranked the highest. For that reason, we follow blogs and vlogs of women who discuss the effects a particular product delivers.


No matter if it’s a product for hair, skin or make-up, the most crucial thing is always whether it works best and if it’s really effective. In terms of eyebrow and eyelash care, it’s especially important – after all, the effect must be easy to see with the naked eye. Therefore, if you have thin and sparse brows, you won’t be satisfied with something that works like a placebo (e.g. castor oil or gel conditioners that were popular a few years ago). If you’re looking for a high-quality eyebrow serum and you’re about to find out which product of this kind has won the most favourable reviews – go on reading the present article to meet Nanobrow – a brow serum that obtained positive feedback and won the first place in dozens of the best cosmetic rankings. We don’t only know how it works but also we know why it’s so incredible in its performance. So, if you’re willing to buy a good eyebrow serum, find out what you should know about this marvellous Nanobrow.

Nanobrow Brow Serum – Description, Performance & Ingredients

Nanobrow is a brow serum that doesn’t only contain an array of conditioning substances but also active substances that affect hair including its bulbs and skin it grows out from. Basically, this is mostly what largely attributes to its success. Nanobrow. No ingredient was included into the composition of this product by accident – all of them create a fine cosmetic.

Among the most important conditioning ingredients in Nanobrow are:

  • SOY GERM EXTRACT – stimulates brow growth, prevents from ageing, damage and thinning. Additionally, this substance reinforces brows from their roots, moisturises and leaves the hairs lustrous.
  • WHEAT GERM EXTRACT – strongly regenerates, nourishes deeply, smooths out and increases both elasticity and softness.
  • SCUTELLARIA BAICALLENSIS EXTRACT, KNOWN COMMONLY AS BAICALEIN – concentration of flavones that slow down aging processes and literally deliver a new quality to brows.
  • GINSENG EXTRACT – known to many people as a constituent of prestigious face and eye creams, it displays strong regenerating and antioxidative properties. Ginseng is a plant rich in micro elements that don’t naturally occur in other plants. This is what makes this extract so unique.

brow growth serum nanobrow

Thanks to this, Nanobrow brow serum is able to improve the appearance and condition of the small facial hair within approximately 4 weeks. Achieving the effects depends on the condition that brow bulbs are and the level of their damage. Nevertheless, no matter how poor the condition the eyebrows might be, many women report noticing they brows getting stronger and more beautiful within a month. Additionally, Nanobrow equals efficiency, fair price and well-selected composition that enables the serum to penetrate skin fast, it neither gathers on eyebrows nor it leaves them clumpy. Since the serum is absorbed by skin really quickly, it doesn’t leave any marks on the face. This quality makes the serum one of a few products that can be applied either at bedtime or in the morning right before doing daily make-up.

Nanobrow Brow Serum – Who Should Use It?

Nanobrow is recommended to all the women who aren’t indifferent to the issue of eyebrows; their appearance and condition in particular. The serum is responsible for taking care of eyebrows that require daily dose of conditioning substances, but this is not all. Nanobrow is also able to completely turn the looks of our eyebrows around: it thickens brows along the entire brow ridge, makes them bold, accelerates their growth and stimulates inactive bulbs. Owing to Nanobrow, we can redefine the shape of our brows. This means that we can gift our eyebrows with perfect shape and grow the hair back. Finally, this serum is helpful especially after failed eyebrow hair removal, it makes hair darker and counteracts dehydration.

nanobrow serum

Nanobrow Brow Serum – Application

The good news is that Nanobrow is exceptionally convenient to use. Since it’s a lightweight, liquid emulsion that is easily absorbed by the skin and hair bulbs, it can be used either in the morning or evening. Just one application a day suffice completely to enjoy having eyebrows you were always dreaming of.

  1. EVENING APPLICATION: reach for Nanobrow and with the aid of the sponge applicator spread the serum along dry, clean and degreased eyebrow by applying one, smooth motion.
  2. MORNING APPLICATION: apply Nanobrow to clean and dry brow ridge before doing make-up. Wait a few seconds to let the serum get absorbed fully. Nanobrow can be applied before putting on colour cosmetics to extend the wearability of make-up. To clarify, the serum doesn’t clump brows but it protects them and takes care of the entire brow ridge which positively influences the make-up wear.

Nanobrow Brow Serum – The Appearance of Effects

The effects of systematic Nanobrow use appear already after a few weeks since the beginning of the treatment. The most important though is the regularity. Depending on the eyebrow condition and the level of damage, you can expect to observe positive changes in 3-4 weeks. Many women who reported receiving incredible results claim that Nanobrow rebuilt their eyebrows in just one month.

How Do Eyebrow Look After Finishing Nanobrow Treatment?

  • After approximately 4 weeks eyebrows are significantly stronger, darker and properly moisturised; many women claim that their brows look as if they were exposed to henna treatment, or as if their brows were styled with a brow conditioning gel.
  • After 5-7 weeks eyebrows become longer, stronger, are thicker and bold, there are new hairs appearing constantly.
  • After approximately 2 months the growth phase accelerates and the entire brow ridge becomes thicker. Brows are clearly regenerated, there are no see-throughs or hairless skin patches.

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Nanobrow Brow Serum – Effects, Assessment & Comments

This is a brow serum that gathers positive reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers. It’s safe, effective, works really fast and the quantity of the product allows to undergo a few-month-long treatment. The effect of beautiful, nourished eyebrows lasts really long. What’s worth pointing out, the eyebrows don’t get weaker once the treatment is over.

Nanobrow Brow Serum – Price

The cost of the brow serum might not indicate that this is a budget cosmetic, however, if we take into consideration the serum’s perfect composition, efficiency and fast action, it turns out that Nanobrow is one of the most cost-effective beauty products available on the market. Learn more: