Khadi Amla hair oil. Ayurvedic hair herbs

The majority of Hindu women have gorgeous, long, strong and healthy hair that women from other parts of the world can only dream of. It is no surprise why we tend to turn for help to hair care solutions that derive from traditional Ayurvedic medicine. It is time to discover the secrets of Ayurveda and the miraculous properties of Khadi Amla.

Women leaving in the regions rich in Indian Gooseberry claim that amla is one of the most effective natural hair conditioners. The brand called Khadi Natural Products have decided to use it and this is how Khadi Amla oil reached the cosmetic market. Its two main ingredients are valuable herbal extracts – amla and bringaraj.

Khadi Amla Ayurvedic Hair Oil in close-up

This product is strongly inspired by nature and created by the rules of Ayurveda. Khadi Amla from the Ayurvedic Hair Oil series contains a compound of Indian herb extracts and other ingredients influenced by Eastern traditions. You will not find any parabens, silicones, mineral oils, or synthetic dyes in it.

Which components of this product work in favour? Khadi Amla oil if full of Indian herbs. Amla, or to be more precise, amla extract provides strengthening action. The second of the herbs – bhringaraj – regenerates, reinforces hair and improves its growth. What is more, Khadi Amla also includes other herbal extracts: brahmi, neem and henna. It is all composed on the base of a Sunflower and Almond oils.

How does Khadi Amla work?

The product nourishes the hair from roots to tips, strengthens and regenerates damage along the entire length. It can prevent the ends from splitting but works best as an effective hair growth promoter. The cosmetic prevents premature greying, reduces dandruff and balances sebum secretion and it can be applied to the scalp. Khadi Amla is also a great protection for fragile hair.

Beware! Khadi Amla can darken the hair due to a high content of Indian herbs and the presence of natural henna.