Where, how and for what reason should one apply highlighter Skinflash Dior


In general, highlighters are extremely practical and useful cosmetics. Thanks to these, skin face becomes optically bigger, prettier, and naturally, healthier. What is more, eyes seem full and the look appears to be more expressive. Do you know, how, where and for what purposes you should apply Skinflash highlighter from Dior?

Highlighter Skinflash Dior camouflages each and every skin imperfections, starting with minor discolourations and scars, going through broken capillaries and ending on swellings under eyes and general gray tone of complexion. Moreover, the highlighter works ideally with face shaping, due to which, we are able to create the impression of emphasized oval outline of our face. The applicator, in a form of a brush, remarkably eases the usage of Dior cosmetic. While talking about the application, Skinflash can be put on or beneath a make up foundation, as well as the single product. For the better highlighting effect, it is advisable to pick the cosmetic of a brighter shade (basically, one tone brighter than our complexion’s.) Since mentioning the shades, Skinflash provides us with the four-colour range to choose from – 001 Rosy Glow, 002 Ivory Glow, 003 Apricot Glow and 004 Universal Light.

Which parts of my face should be covered with Skinflash Dior? Painting forehead (mind you, only the middle part of it,) the bridge of the nose as well as the tip of chin, we optically make our face slimmer. If you put the highlighter under eyebrows, in the inner corners of eyes and under lower eyelids (next to the inner corners of eyes,) you are going to open and enlarge the eyes. In order to achieve effect of bigger lips, apply the highlighter above the upper lip, particularly, on the, so called, Cupid’s Bow.

What should Skinflash Dior be applied with and how to blend this highlighter? Because Skinflash is of a marker form, it causes no trouble when it comes to the application of the product (other highlighters need to be applied with a make up brush.) Furthermore, to blend a make up foundation together with the highlighter, it is suggested to use the above mentioned make up brush or just a finger.