Skin hydration with Dermedic Tolerans.


No doubt, all of us are aware of the importance concerning body hydration. Ultimately, water gives life. Nevertheless, not everybody knows how to appropriately moisturize the body. Generally speaking, body hydration can be provided both ways: from the inside and from the outside. Drinking water belongs to the first category, whereas, cosmetic application such as Dermedic Tolerans comes into the second category.

Dermedic Tolerans are destined for hypersensitive skin type care. This sort of skin is characterized by oversensitiveness to plenty of factors such as, weather changes, stress, consumption of particular substances, application of improper cosmetics and medications taking. In general, hypersensitive skin type is ascribed to exhibit over-activity which may lead to redness, smartness, dryness, desquamation and inflammation formation.

Dermedic Tolerans collection comprises of six products, and these are a face cleansing gel, a gentle cleansing lotion, a moisturizing day cream, a nourishing night cream, an easing anti-wrinkle cream, and an under eye and eyelids cream. Despite each of the product has different task to handle, these are connected with one feature. Dermedic Tolerans are hypoallergenic and, as a consequence, these do not cause irritations. A piece of information worth mentioning, some of the cosmetics include soap in their composition. Generally speaking, Dermedic Tolerans moisturizes, eases, improves skin firmness and reduces irritations. Due to the light consistency, the products are easy to apply and are fast to get absorbed totally. The composition of the collection is enriched with E vitamin, panthenol, glycerin and almond oil, to name just a few components.

All six products of Dermedic Tolerans are produced in ecological packages. What is more, the containers were designed in such a way to unable all impurities and bacteria to enter. For that reason, the cosmetics are equipped with a pump dispenser with the intake system. None of the bottles comprises of metal elements.