How to take care of grey hair?

how-to-take-care-of-grey-hair.jpgWith age hair loses its original colour and becomes grey; after all, this is the very colour keratin is. Beige and white keratin is the essential building block of hair. Blond, black or ginger shade is given by melanin – a pigment produced in melanocytes. When melanocytes stop functioning properly, melanin disappears therefore hair takes over keratin’s colour. How to take care of grey hair? Is it better to dye the hair or un-grey it?

How to take care of grey hair?


Grey hair doesn’t require dyeing, yet proper care given to the strands is essential. Instead of melanin, grey hair contains oxygen therefore it’s dry and stiff and, as a consequence, it’s easier for it to become brittle. Therefore, replenishing such hair with water is one of the most important things while talking about proper care. In this case, it’s worth reaching for shampoos and masks containing honey, aloe or glycerine.


Grey hair should shine healthily. In this case, it’s a good idea to use blue shampoos designed for grey hair that gift strands with slightly ashy colour and eliminate the yellowish shade. People who dye grey hair should choose shampoos designed for coloured hair.

Which shampoos and masks to choose?

Don’t hesitate to wash hair as often as it needs to be cleansed, even every day. It’s important to use delicate shampoo. Moreover, such shampoos shouldn’t feature proteins which additionally contribute to hair dehydration. Also, it’s worth applying hair masks twice a week. In the case of extremely dehydrated hair, it’s suggested applying avocado hair mask. Banana hair mask, in turn, will satisfy needs of elasticity-deprived hair.

Grey Hair Colouring

Grey hairs are visible most on dark hair therefore these are brunettes who want to do something with this sign of ageing. The best effects are obtained by applying blonde and brown colours.

Of course, grey hair colouring can be done either at home or at a hairdresser’s. If you want to dye hair at home, equip yourself with a hair dye instead of a product for temporary hair colouring, which will rather deliver short-living outcomes and will unevenly coat the hair.

It’s better to get hair dyed at a hairdresser’s especially when the amount of grey hair is definitely greater than the dark or when grey hair cumulates in particular places on the head. In both cases it’s hard to obtain even target colour.

Hair Un-greying

Another way of covering grey hair is by un-greying it. The preparations designed for un-greying is a melanin precursor that penetrates the inner layers of hair and reacts with oxygen that air contains. Un-greying preparations are especially popular among men who jib at applying hair dyes.