Cosmetics that will take care of every skin type

Do you know that there are several products that cleanse the skin, regardless of its type? Get to know them all and choose the best one for yourself. Your face skin will certainly appreciate such care, regardless of whether it is dry, normal, oily or combination.

Why cleanse the skin in the first place?

Cleansing the face and body skin is important because:

  • it helps remove impurities (makeup, dust, sebum)- that is everything that settled on the skin’s surface throughout the day;
  • it facilitates the absorption of nutrients and allows further care;
  • it suppresses bacterial growth on the skin;
  • it restores the skin’s natural pH.

In cleansing the skin, the most important thing is not to disturb the natural hydro-lipid coat. Gentle washing may not remove all impurities, however, too aggressive cleansing can lead to irritation, reactivity, dehydration and abnormal skin functioning.

Universal cosmetics for the care of every skin type 

  1. Micellar water – it contains micells (small balls) that have the ability to absorb impurities. They have simple compositions, natural pH, no detergents thus, they are perfect for sensitive skin.
  2. Hydrophilic oils. They are recommended in the care of oily, acne, normal, dry and sensitive skin. They do not irritate the skin but perfectly remove waterproof makeup, cleanse the skin of excess sebum and do not cause any damage to the natural hydrolipid barrier.
  3. Syndet (no-soap soap). They have a natural pH, soothing properties, they do not irritate the skin and do not damage the natural hydro-lipid layer. They do not leave an oily layer on the skin, although they have a moisturizing and oiling effect. They remove water and fat impurities well. Syndets are even recommended for people with atopic dermatitis.
  4. Washing creams. They will be best for dry and sensitive skin, but also for people with oily, combination and normal complexion. They cleanse the complexion thoroughly without affecting the natural hydro-lipid barrier. After the application, they can leave a protective layer.