Cold, Warmer, Hot! What Is the Right Water Temperature for Washing Hair?

Are you sure you know which water to use for washing your hair? Does the temperature matter? It turns out that it does! Check how to wash your hair to have a healthy scalp and beautiful hairdo.

What is the point of washing scalp and hair?

Before starting a real hair and scalp care, choose a shampoo, mask and conditioner. If you want to thoroughly wash the scalp, you use shampoos with SLS. For boosting shine – oils. For smoothing frizzy and static strands – cosmetic butter. Do you pay attention to the water you use for washing hair and scalp? If not, you must change your habits! Using a suitable temperature of the water has a huge influence on the health of your scalp and the action of washing and conditioning products.

What temperature is suitable for washing hair?

Neither warm nor cold. Using tepid water is the best solution. The temperature should be close to the temp of our body and work individually for each of us. Simply put, go for water that feels nice, it does not burn your skin or trigger goose pimples. Match it to your own feelings. Some girls suggest using cold water for the final rinse. In this way, you close skin pores and smooth hair cuticle scales. Interestingly, cool water can reduce scalp oiliness.

Warm or cold? Which one cleanses better?

Remember about the first rinsing that lets you remove dirt or oils applied during hair oil treatment. However, the most important role of water is lathering the shampoo and wetting hair before washing.

Why is warm water better than cold? Firstly, washing hair with cold water is nothing pleasurable. After all, a shower or bath should be relaxing. Secondly, warm water is better for removing sebum, product build-up, dirt and oils. It is similar to washing the dishes. Only hot water can remove grease. Just remember – washing with hot water very often can lead to the damage of hair structure and scalp burns.