Body modeling with Christian Dior – Svelte Body Desire.


What is cellulite?

As a matter of fact, cellulite is a kind of fat lumps conglomerates accumulated underneath skin layer. What is more, we can devote the visibility of cellulite into four phases. In the first phase, the cellulite is completely invisible, nevertheless, all that is changed in the body considers blood circulation and the subsequent problems. In this case, one can take benefit of massages improving blood circulation. Cellulite becomes noticeable in the second phase. Aesthetic medicine salons offers treatments, with the usage of safe carbon dioxide, which reduces fat layer and boosts blood circulation. In order to fight with the cellulite categorized to the third phase, the shock-wave is used. During such a treatment, lumps of fat are attacked by extremely high pressure. Such a telegraphy comprises of six up to ten seasons. The last phase requires combining several methods, for example, the high pressure one with mesotherapy and carbon dioxide method. The outcomes of such a treatment are achieved after a few months.

Dior Svelte Body Desire – cosmetic vs. cellulite.

Is Dior Svelte Body Desire able to deal with unwanted cellulite? Since one has to devote several months on undergoing aesthetic medicine treatments, a few bottles of serum will not eliminate the problem. All what can be expected from Christian Dior cosmetic, is that the product makes our skin a little bit firmer, moisturized, smoothed and nourished. Bear in mind, cellulite cannot be reduced by any cosmetic. Dior Svelte Body Desire can only take care of your skin and work as a replacement of your everyday moisturizing balm.

Svelte Body Desire serum is available in a big bottle of 200 ml capacity. The cosmetic can be applied morning and/or evening. Obviously, the strength of the product can be enhanced by skin scrub performance beforehand, and while applying, massaging the cellulite affected area spots. Another feature, Dior Svelte Body Desire is of white colour and light consistency due to which the product is easy to spread over the body and is fast to become fully absorbed.