Antibacterial gel Tea Tree Night Lotion from The Body Shop. How does Tea Tree oil work?


How do bacteria appear on our face?

If it happens, that our complexion is left uncleaned, the various kinds of bacteria become to multiply on our face skin surface. How do they came from? Inside skin pores, as well as on face skin surface, a lot of impurities such as, dust, dirt, sebum and dead skin cells tend to gather and mix with each other. As you can guess, this mixture is an ideal environment for bacteria multiplication. And what are the outcomes that are determined by these unwelcome residents? With the previously mentioned information in mind, bacteria lead to the increased sebum production as well as to the acne and discolouration marks formation. Important to realize that aggressive skin cleaning can not only cause irritations but also can lead to the faster multiplication of bacteria. So, how one should take care of face skin? Basically, when it comes to face skin care the essential issue is the balance.

Tea Tree Night Lotion from The Body Shop.

The Body Shop cosmetic brand knows how to maintain the balance. Its antibacterial gel Tea Tree Night Lotion helps with preserving pretty look of face skin. Furthermore, the cosmetic provides us with moisturization and highlights acne marks. Obviously, this is not everything what can be achieved due to Tea Tree Night Lotion application. This product mattes skin, is safe for this delicate organ and, what is also important, can work as a make up base. Another key feature of Tea Tree Night Lotion is its light formula. This white consistency is easy to spread and is absorbed promptly. What is more, the cosmetic does not change the colour of complexion. When it comes to the package, the product is available as a green plastic bottle with a nozzle dispenser. Its capacity equals 30 ml and lasts approximately for two months of the regular application (twice a day.) The main ingredient of The Body Shop gel is oil extracted from Tea Tree.

How does Tea Tree oil work?

Tea Tree oil is produced from its leaves. The tree grows in Australia and New Zealand and is of medical and nourishing features. What is more, this oil is widely used as a component of various cosmetics. Indeed, the positive properties of Tea Tree oil include also easing all skin irritations, helps with acne treatment, regulates sebum production. Furthermore, cosmetic is of antiviral and antibacterial properties. For that very reason, Tea Tree oil is used in The Body Shop, Tea Tree Night Lotion gel. What are the other using of the cosmetic? Generally, it is also applied at aromatherapy, inhalations and to repel insects.