Alum and its use in cosmetics and beauty industry

Potassium-Alum-58dd6dad5f9b5846830826bcEven though everyone knows has known it for a long time, only a few people use it. It has many great properties useful in skin care and is gaining more and more fans of conscious and natural care. Of course, I am talking about Alum.

Alum – what is it?

Alum is a mineral known and used since antiquity. It is in the form of a crystal, it is very brittle and easily soluble in water. There is no colour or smell, and if it is immersed in the essential oil even for a moment, it will take on its aroma. Alum is widely used in many areas of life, but recently it is more willingly used in cosmetics.

Properties of alum

Alum is primarily valued for its antibacterial effect. If you rub a piece of skin with this mineral, microbes will not continue to develop on it. This action means that alum can be used instead of a deodorant! As such, the cosmetic removes the unpleasant smell of sweat. There are much more properties provided by alum, for instance:

  • it reduces bleeding,
  • it is hypoallergenic,
  • it provides antibacterial, antiseptic and antiperspirant properties,
  • it brings relief in case of pruritus,
  • it does not clog skin pores, does not dry out the skin and does not stain clothing,
  • it has no expiry date (a cube weighing 60 grams is enough for more than a year of use).

Application of alum

The most popular form of alum is stone. However, in drugstores, pharmacies and stores with natural cosmetics, products with alum content are available in other forms. Alum in the form of a crystal resembles a bar of soap, has a thin or thick stick. Before applying, it should be wet with lukewarm water. Then, wait a moment and rub selected parts of the body. Powdered alum is used as a powder for shoes, socks and feet. It can also be added to your bubble bath or used as a mouthwash. The liquid alum (spray) form is the easiest way to use it. Just spray it over selected parts of the body.